This site is dedicated to YOU!

Before you read on, let me ask you something.

As a child, who did you want to be when you grew up? What did you always wanted to do?

As a teenager, what was your big dream? How did you wanted to change the world?

What happened? Are you there yet? Are you living it? Did it materialise?

Or did “life” happen?  Did you find yourself caught-up?   Did you compromise on your dream?

Or did you just plain give up on it?

Well, you are not alone, that is for sure!

So many of us have boarded that very same ship, the “RMS Comfort Zone”,  cruising along merely,  letting the wind direct our life course;  never setting foot on our island of dreams to only see it from afar.

Many of us tend to justify our position and blame circumstances not to forget the “bad cards” we have been dealt with.  Yet, there are some people out there who despite the rotten hand they got, managed to rise above their circumstances and create, not only a great life for themselves,  but empowered others in turn. 

Take strength in the fact that if they could do it against all odds, so CAN WE ALL…..

This is my quest… I hope that you will find each post and link inspiring and motivating as you journey through them.  These are only but a small basket of thoughts which have inspired me along the way.  I truly hope, that in some way, it will do the same for you.

I firmly believe that we all deserve to create the best life for ourselves.  I say “create” because more often than not it will not land on our lap.

Life is not a rehearsal!  We only get one shot at it!

So what can you do today to become your dream?

This is dedicated to YOU because we all deserve to be bigger than what we think we are!



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